Without commitment you will never start,
without consistency you will never finish.
I'm ready!

Hi, I'm Will

I am a veteran of the French foreign legion born in Cuba, raised in Spain and now residing in Warsaw for 2 years with more than 7 years of experience in private security in both civil and war zones.

+10 years of experience in Mixed Martial Arts (Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, B.J.J), Self Defense (Krav-Maga, Systema, Sylat), Training for the physical condition of the body (Spartan, Calistecnia, H.I.I.T, Tabata, Cross Fit).

Our training can be both in group and personal and always guaranteeing that with them you will get the desired result whenever you work hard.

I would like to invite you to attend personal trainings that are taking place at Grójecka 1/3 in Warsaw, the studio for 1 on 1 classes have 30 square meters and is open 24/7.

Free Combat System

William Alonso has experience in different martial arts and types of self defense from Muay Thai, Boxing, Win Chun, Chin-Na, Krav-Maga, Systema or Pencac Silat from which he has created a FREE COMBAT SYSTEM (FCS).

F.C.S Methodology based on the fact that all these combined techniques can create a free form of personal defense in which the MMAs join with SYSTEMAs of militant combats, in order to give us the necessary tools to react in as many situations as possible and to be sure that our body will react to any situation of danger in an instinctive way to defend our families and ourselves in case that is necessary.

FCS Free Combat System training programs will combine different martial arts with personal defense techniques and high intensity cardio training routines (HIIT) to obtain the best combat system that best suits us and our condition. Physically and individually.

The basis of this whole concept is on the fact that at the beginning you will learn different styles of mixed martial arts and personal defense separately and always accompanied by a good and correct physical preparation so in the end when combining both you are ready both technically and physically to defend yourself and feel safe against any adversity.


Personal Trainer

As P.T in our first meeting we will evaluate your físic condition, talk about your area of interest that could be:

  • gain or loss of weight
  • gain muscles volumen or flexibility
  • good fisic condition + P.D + MMA
  • easy exercises routines to win confidence and security in yourself (40 / 60 years)

You will always have contact direct or indirect with me to help you in any doubt that you could have about Training/Diet/ etc. Remember confidence and positive mind are the KEY of successs, and with my motivation and your hard work I am sure that we Will ARCHIEVE YOUR GOALS. LET'S DO THIS!

Personal Defense

With personal defense training we will be focused in the areas of:

  • hand to hand combat
  • improvised weapons
  • 2 or more opponents
  • fight under stress
  • letal and non letal weapons
  • Women Personal Defense

Most of the tecniques are from Krav-Maga and SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ R.M.A this are the 2 areas I have experience after all my years of service as PRIVATE MILLITARY CONTRACTOR and FRENCH FOREIN LEGION Soldier.


In the MMA I am ready and prepared to train you in the areas of:

  • Boxing
  • Muay-Thai
  • B.J.J
  • Kick-Boxing

Hiit Workout

Training Programs

Funcional Training


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Boot Camps

Are you ready to enjoy a day of adventure, outdoor sports in total contact with nature, personal defense, obstacle courses in the forest and a finale with BBQ & PAELLA & SANGRIA & CERVESAS and all this in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere?

If the answers to those questions are yes, then do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about the upcoming boot camp events.

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Contact me

If you decided to train with me, please contact me via my e-mail at trainwithwillalonso@gmail.com, or call me on my mobile phone at +48 732 846 606. You can also get in touch via my Facebook or Instagram profiles.